Beard Trim

Proper Shaping For Your Facial Hair

Man Getting A Beard Trim At Salon ManeTained in Granbury, TexasThe hair on top of your head isn't the only thing that matters! You could have the most on - point haircut around, but if your beard is out of control, it's time to get it locked up. Bring us your scraggly facial hair, and you will leave with a clean, crisp and perfectly shaped beard. Come to ManeTained Salon for Men and we will get your beard, mustache, or goatee back in tip - top shape.

When you come into ManeTained Salon for Men, our stylist will walk you back to a comfy chair, serve you up with a drink of your choice included with your service, and get to work on taming your fantastic facial hair. Don't worry - we will make sure you don't lose an ounce of your brawn in the process.

Our stylists will use scissors to trim your beard to perfection and leave you looking clean and sharp - but still strapping, of course. Why stop at a beard trim? You're already here, you might as well let us get you sharp on top too! You can get a beard trim added to the haircut service of your choice. We will take care of your entire grooming regimen for the day.

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